Collection: Memphis Milano
Designer: Ettore Sottsass
Year: 1981
Cabinet in wood and plastic laminate in colors.
Size: W 151, D 39, H 221 cm
Wooden storage unit and bookcase covered with decorative laminate.

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Ettore Sottsass’s Casablanca sideboard has a totem-like profile similar to his Carlton room divider and Ashoka lamp.
Its anthropomorphic silhouette, featuring red shelves radiating from a column of cupboards and drawers, is covered in plastic laminate with the spugnato (sponged) pattern designed by Sottsass in 1979. The Casablanca, much like the Carlton, serves as a room divider as well as a storage unit – the angled shelves are intended for wine bottles. Its vivid colours and patterns go against the principles of functionalism, but Neo-Classical influences can be detected in its structure, consisting of a base, a central section and a capital.
In the words of Michele De Lucchi, “One bookcase by Ettore Sottsass is enough to furnish a room”.

Text by: Fay Blanchard, Alice Riddy and Eva Haghighi